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     In an effort to not jeopardize the health and well-being of any clients or staff members, we are currently practicing some added measures to provide a safer HVAC service call environment. Here are some COVID-19 related precautionary steps we have enacted as a company, along with some general information regarding HVAC interactions should a service call be necessary for your location.


Thank you and stay safe! 



Comfort Service Group Employees Will:


Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water, making vigorous friction contact with all hand and wrist areas...

  • before and after any breaks

  • after each service call and/or after visiting each multiple task area

  • after refueling vehicles

  • after any restroom visits

Report any suspect health symptoms via telephone or text to an immediate supervisor. 

Perform routine morning temperature evaluations for temps exceeding 100.4 degrees and stay home if experiencing fever readings.


Practice strict social distancing of six feet or greater from any individuals whenever possible. This includes avoiding any direct person-to-person contact, like handshaking. 


Practice sterilization of tools, steering wheels, cell phones, and all high contact areas during the day and at the end of every shift.


Designate appropriate staff members to sanitize all high traffic, high contact areas in the office/service shop areas, including door knobs and restrooms on a regular basis. 




As other individuals pose our greatest risk for infection, we will inquire if any occupant at a proposed service location may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms before dispatching a technician. If there are confirmed cases or concerns at the service location, we will limit our response to only necessary actions. When dispatched, our technicians will wear masks and disposable gloves in any customer interaction zones. We will request that any symptomatic occupants self-isolate as much as possible and to wear a type of face covering to limit our possible exposure. 


We will request any asymptomatic occupants to respect a minimum 6' social distance from technicians when any communication is required.  



We will wear the recommended PPE when servicing all equipment, including outdoor units, when task-appropriate for indoor air quality.


We will necessarily clean/service unit evaporator coils, blower section parts/components, and change any filters with the blower fan off. This action limits our risk of exposure from the circulating air stream at the location.  




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